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“She knows more about computers than anybody I ever met”

Sharon at her desk

At my desk

“She’s the one who understands all the details”

“She knows our database like the back of her hand”

In a nutshell, my personality type is INTJ.  I enjoy solving natty problems and finishing the Friday Sudoku.  If you have a question about your database, I can probably figure it out for you.  If you need to produce a report using data that you’re pretty sure is in your database, I can do that, too.

When I run into a mind-numbing task on the computer, my first inclination is to figure out how to make the computer do the tedious, repetitive work.

If you find your precious time is being consumed by endless tinkering with data on spreadsheets, I can help you by telling the computer how to produce the results you’re looking for.  Yes, I write software.