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Is Google trying to sell you a bill of goods?

Sometimes I use Google Chrome because a website tells me their content displays better in that browser.

When you need to download a file using Google Chrome, the default is to show a link to the download on the bottom of the browser window.  Clicking on that link does not take you directly to the file, but passes you through code in the browser that checks to see if you have software installed on your computer to handle the file type.  If it happens to be a zip file, you may be out of luck, because there are still proprietary programs out there to handle zip files, although Windows is perfectly able to open them for you.  Google chrome may very well tell you that the file cannot be handled and you need to buy a software package.  Don’t be discouraged.  You can circumvent this behavior by changing the settings on your Chrome browser.

Look for the menu which is symbolized by three dots on the upper right hand corner of your browser.  Scroll down to Settings.  Click on that, then scroll down to “Advanced”.  When you click on the Advanced settings, scroll down to the Downloads option.  Downloads lets you turn on an option for you to specify the location of where to store your downloads.  When you turn this option ON, you should be able to use your Windows File explorer to find your downloaded zip file and Windows will open it for you

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