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Are your quarterly reports ready to shine?

Your database is more than a storage closet.  Properly maintained, it can be a treasure trove for your business. It not only records what you have done In the past, but can be an invaluable aid in demonstrating the value of the work you have done and are capable of doing.  Hopefully your database offers reports that fulfill this purpose.

If you’re dissatisfied with the reports you are able to produce from your database, chances are some combination of reports will more clearly describe what it is you want to demonstrate.

Maybe you need to compute a data point that is not stored in your database, but can be derived from that data.  Do you find yourself with an open spreadsheet and a calculator adding data points to that spreadsheet?

But combining reports and computing extra data points often requires hours of tinkering with two or more sets of data.  You don’t have time to do this every time that report is due, and you know that you’re not always satisfied that you came up with accurate results.  Should you get somebody else to do the work?  Can’t afford to pay someone for all those hours?  Can’t trust volunteers to do it right?

What if you could get your computer to do all the tinkering, so all you have to do is extract the base data sets, and your computer does the rest?  A computer program could process the data and produce a final report in the proverbial “wink of an eye”.  Well, that’s why some experts would say everybody needs to know how to code.

My studied opinion is that: no, not everybody should learn how to code.  Once trained, it’s easy to write code, but also easy to make mistakes if your attention span is less than infinite or undivided attention to details is not your forte’.

Everybody who needs to produce reports from raw data should know someone who knows how to code.  That’s why I’m introducing myself as a person who has been intimately familiar with computers and programming for many years.  Ingenuity Computer Consultants will refine your data to create the enhanced reports that will improve your business performance.   We can deliver custom programs that generate accurate and timely reports using multiple data sources.  We can study your available resources and come up with solutions to the reporting problems that keep you up at night.

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